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Aloha. שלום. Sawubona. 你好. Hola. नमस्ते. Hello. こんにちは. Mhoro.

Born in Zimbabwe. Live in London. My name is Samantha Moyo.

I’m a 33 year old Disruption DoctorActivist and Serial Innovator.

I transformed my drug and alcohol addiction by founding Morning Gloryville - the pioneering sober movement that grew a community of 200,000 within 18months and featured in over 3000 press interviews. Coverage included BBC, CNN, NBC's Today Show, Channel 4, ITV, Financial Times and more. I love to share transition stories, transformation tools and valuable experiences from 10 years working across multiple industries as a community builder + innovator. Part of this included PR, C-suite innovation workshops and experiential marketing for brands such as Google, Unilever, Sony Music, Heineken, Lipton, Redbull, Vita Coco, Samsung and more. 


My passion is inspiring people to get on disruption missions that serves people and planet. If you’re offering a service or product in that category, I’m here to serve YOU. If you've got an idea and could do with support bringing it to market, I'm here to serve YOU. 

Ultimately we each have THE ANSWERS to our life and work challenges but it’s sometimes helpful to have someone walking with us. I’m here to be a thought-partner, strategist and cheerleader; help shift any limiting beliefs, share ways for you to become more visible and facilitate growth. Please only get in touch if you are hungry for disruption, not afraid to upset people and ready to level up.

Here are some practical ways in which I can support you:


- Decolonial Mindset Training

- Concept Ideation including Setting your Vision, Values, Mission

- Diversity and Inclusion Planning 

- Branding and Marketing

- Communications - Creating a Strong Narrative and Tone of Voice

- Social Media Planning and Tools

- Network and Partnership Building

- Self-care and Practices for Overcoming Adversity

- Conflict Management and Resolution

- Community Outreach Programmes / Events

- Innovation Ideation within an Already Existing Brand or Organisation



Wellness + Impact Business Coaching

I offer strategic and operational support for founders and management within wellness, creative and impact organisations. Whether you are hitting a roadbloack or want to futureproof, I am your woman.

I have experience across various sectors including finance, pr, logistics, wellness, fashion, activism and sustainability. I've also been a CEO of a wellness company for 5 years which operated in global markets.

It is easy for me to see and understand operational challenges you may face and offer tangible solutions / strategies. 


A key part of my offering is identifying and facilitating connections that will support your work long term. The future is collaboration.

Event Design + Marketing

I have 10 years in fashion, festivals and experiential events and creator of award-winning event (Morning Gloryville) that pioneered the global sober dance movement.


I offer event coaching tailored to your specific needs from branding, concept design, promotional strategies, pr to operational planning and templates.

My typical clients have included fashion shows; festivals; media platforms; wellness and conscious businesses; organisations looking to grow their community.

Community Building

I help organisations build new networks and communities to make their love mark on the world.


This attracts future-focussed millennials (GEN-Y) and transformationals (open-minded GEN-X) and connects organisations with opinion formers who have integrity.


My mission is always to design strategies that are newsworthy, transformative and playful.


Creating soulful, sustainable communities is an integral piece which not only saves clients on marketing costs in the long-term but increases world happiness levels.



Sam shared her story in a unique way and took the audience by surprise in a way we've never seen anyone else manage. After speaking she got 400 people dancing with a troupe of unicorns to a DJ set! A great way to end our conference.”

TEDX East End