About Us

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This space is for people pioneering new possibilities. You are here, not for convincing but because your heart has already said YES to unapologetic living in your personal and work life.

The heart knows it requires someone with a different consciousness to facilitate growth.

I'm here as your co-pilot, thought-partner, re-birthing doula. We will weave between playfulness and hard-ass strategy. Whether you come to me for business growth, creative inspiration or pleasure opening, I've got you covered.


About You

You are honest.

You are eager to change or transform an area in your life.

You are ready to increase your impact in the world. 

You care deeply about people and planet. 

You are both visionary and doer.

You are persistent, resilient and will not give up on yourself

You are a combination of wild yet focused.

You are willing to be both vulnerable and strong.

You have have secret quirks that we will laugh about.

You’re connected to a mission and are ready to take your life and work to the next level. 


Whilst you come to me for support, you know that YOU ARE the next level!


Moyo Trews


  • I will not make you a millionaire over-night

  • I cannot take away all your problems

  • 99% of the work is your level of commitment 



Expanding your business?  Dreaming up new art? Leading your community?