Creative Expansion Programme

Love Liberates

....if you let it...

"not another frickin' sales page!!" she sang. 

Free your mind and booty…. invest in transformation with Samantha Moyo. 


The Creative Expansion online programme is for anyone re-defining their purpose. 


If you're seeking inspiration OR have a project you want to birth into the world, this one's for you!


The course consists of 8-modules split into two parts.

Part 1 will run 30th March until 20th April 2022

Integration will be from 20th April until 11th May (time to pause, reflect + catch up on homework)

Part 2 will run 11th May until 1st June 2022

*Online weekly calls will be Wednesday from 7-9pm UK Time - except during integration period*


Whether you’re soul-searching, at the ideas stage or already running a successful SME business, this course will stick a transformational rocket up your ass! 


How, you ask? 

Neuroscientists say that humans spend 30% of our time day-dreaming...

You will be guided towards your soul’s purpose using tried and tested embodiment tools.

You will learn how to overcome doubt, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage.

You will receive detailed, high-level business planning support.


You will become part of a brand new community of kick-ass humans.

You will have support from the community when executing your project.

You will learn to live, work and express unapologetically.

The results?


A deeper sense of purpose, connection and confidence - both personally and professionally.

A clear pathway for bringing your vision to life.

A sense of being "unfuckwithable".


About moi


Firstly every client or group working with me is sworn to confidentiality. Your privacy is deeply respected.

I have 12 years experience helping creatives, community builders and brands to stand out in a crowd. My USP is an uncanny ability to simultaneously unlock the divine, business savviness and playfulness in people.

I founded Morning Gloryville - the wellness movement that onboarded a community of 200,000 within 18months and featured in over 3000 press interviews. My face appeared on BBC, CNN, NBC's Today Show, Channel 4, Financial Times; Sunday Times Style, Vogue and more. 

Since selling the business - I've been signed to a music label, lived with indigenous tribes, delivered ted talks and continued coaching founders and hosting workshops for leading brands. Past clients include: Google, Unilever, Publicis, Zego, the Cooperative UK, Heineken, Lipton, Vita Coco, Samsung and more.

You will be working with a rare educator at the intersection of multiple industries.

About YOU


If there’s something burning within you, it’s time to birth it. Whatever excuses you’ve had - families, duties or health conditions - must be put to rest. 


You are the seers of the future, made of soil, full of soul.


Let the dust of doubt settle and ask ‘what is my next aligned action?’


Then let yourself be held.


One heart rekindled is all our hearts on fire!


The course will assist you in writing a kick-ass strategy. When you’re ready to launch, support is here too. 


You will be connected to the community for a year after the course (though life-long friendships are highly possible!)


This is a long-term resource.



"I wish I could spend every morning just soaking you up and carrying your joy through each day... I'm so glad to have had that session with you last night."



The Programme


Main sessions will be on Wednesdays from 7-9 PM UK TIME




Week 1

Mar 30th - Foundations for Leadership Resilience

We will explore practices that help you expand in confidence, expression and ability to show up in the world.


Group Activity: Group Introduction and Learning New Practices

Mindset Slay: “Doubt, Imposter Syndrome and Self-Sabotage"


Week 2

April 6th - Vision, Values and Purpose Hacking

You will connect deeper with purpose and articulate the DNA / personality of your brand.

Group Activity: Howling

Mindset Slay: “Keeping up with the Jones”


Week 3

April 13th - Concept & Offerings Design

You will be guided into creating offerings that are clear, unique and stand out.

Group Activity: Free the Nipples

Mindset Slay: “Stop Hiding Your Gifts”


Week 4

Apil 20th - Community Building & PR

You will create a community building plan that is newsworthy, transformative and infectious.

Group Activity: Dancing Like it’s 1999

Mindset Slay: “Trusting in Love and Humanity”


20th April- 11th May - Pause, restore, integrate

As we pause to reflect on our time together so far, you’ll have the opportunity to have a spotlight feature in our Facebook community. You’ll also be sent a weekly talk to listen to at your leisure.




Week 5

May 11th - Content Creation & Social Media

Learn to cut through the noise and create content that is meaningful.

Group Activity: 2 minute Pitch to the Group

Mindset Slay: “Clearing Visibility Blocks”


Week 6

May 18th - Generating Income

This session will combine money mindset techniques and sales confidence training.

Group Activity: Abundance Meditations

Mindset Slay: “Re-Writing Money Stories”


Week 7

May 25th - Executing Your Plan

It's time to get out into the world - receive individual feedback on your plan in-front of the group.

Group Activity: Confession Session - “I need help with….”

Mindset Slay: “Observing Self-Sabotage” 

Week 8

June 1st - Maintaining Creative Flow + Closing Circle

Learn to maintain project momentum - share your journey of the course with the group.

Group Activity: Sharing, Celebration, Accountability Pledges

Mindset Slay: “Releasing Addiction to Drama”


****All sessions will be recorded incase you miss a session***


Bonus Offerings


1 x 1hr Mentorship session with Samantha Moyo (to be taken within 6 months of course completion)

Free weekly 30-minute wellbeing sessions (9am on Saturday mornings - attendance optional)

Strategy Writing Workbook

Mindset Tools Workbook

Access to new networks and emergent communities

Brand partnership proposal template

Press release templates and contact lists

Free Online Dance Party ticket 

Private Group Messaging Area - Digital Community Space


"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, power and joy with us today! I've not felt as energised by an hour in the last year!"

Vicky Thorburn, BuroHappold Engineering

Let’s talk costs…


The coaching program is worth £2000

A 1-1 session with me costs £250

Access to my business templates and networks £3500

1 year online community membership £1000

Wellbeing sessions £1600 for 8 weeks

Event ticket £20


Value: £8370


But as you’ve probably guessed, I am not going to charge you that…

I'm offering you this potent programme for ONLY £1000.


So just to recap, you’ll get:


A one to one session with me

8 weeks of spirituality, spreadsheets and occasional sauciness

One fantastic community filled with new friends, cheerleaders and collaborators

A restful month of talks, self-love and spotlights

Business templates with proven success records

Access to new networks and contacts

Wellbeing sessions

A year of continued project support







Imagine looking back on 2022 and remembering it as the year that you aligned with your deepest purpose, brought your whole self to the world and became an expert in unapologetic living. 


Now let’s make it happen.


This course brings together the fruits of everything I’ve learned in over 12 years of business. In fact, I have learned so much that the ONLY way I could share it is in this fantastic 8-part course. I am so excited to share it with the world. And I want YOU to be there.

If you have questions about the course or would like to pay instalments, book a call.



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