Wellness + Impact Business Coach

I offer strategic and operational support for founders and management within wellness, creative and impact organisations. Whether you are hitting a roadbloack or want to futureproof, I am your woman.

I have experience across various sectors including finance, pr, logistics, wellness, fashion environmental activism and sustainability. I've also been a CEO of a wellness company for 5 years which operated in global markets.


It is easy for me to see and understand operational challenges you may face and offer tangible solutions / strategies. 


A key part of my offering is identifying and facilitating connections that will support your work long term. The future is collaboration.

Diversity Planning

We live in a world full of complexities and one complexity we are all faced with today is creating organisations, brands and movements that truly diverse and inclusive.

A lot of us have failed at this - but realise the error of our ways. Now, time to recognise, forgive ourselves and do something about it. 

I hold your hand in exploring barriers to entry that communities may feel towards your work and work with you to devise a strategy that screams, "We are listening. We feel you. And are doing something so everyone feels included!"

What to expect:

- diversity status and analysis

- curating training and educational workshops to ensure diversity is not tokenistic

- engaging with diversity coaches to support you long term

- lots of hugs because engaging in this work takes guts.

Event Design + Marketing

I have 10 years in fashion, festivals and experiential events and am the creator of award-winning event (Morning Gloryville) that pioneered the global sober dance movement.


I offer rapid training, tailored to your specific challenges and needs from branding, concept design, promotional strategies, pr to operational planning and templates.

My typical clients have included media platforms; founders of wellness and conscious businesses; organisations looking to grow their community; holistic therapists expanding into events.


I work with innovation labs, brands and impact organisations to provide ideas and thinking that inform new culture and product lines.

All the work I do within this field is confidential. The labs I can mention include: Pitch London; Samsung Innovation Centre; and Sprillo.

I have provided futurology support to LSN Global for 4 years - informing reports relating to Eco-communities; Wellness; Future of Co-working; Trends for Experiential events; Education trends; New Urban Communities and modern healing therapies.


Design + Outreach

I help organisations build new networks and communities to make their love mark on the world.


This attracts future-focussed millennials (GEN-Y) and transformationals (open-minded GEN-X) and connects organisations with opinion formers who have integrity.


My mission is always to design strategies that are newsworthy, transformative and playful.


Creating soulful, sustainable communities is an integral piece which not only saves clients on marketing costs in the long-term but increases world happiness levels.

Speaker + Facilitator

I think that people asking me to conduct their wedding ceremonies or be their birthing partners is the best testament to my speaking and facilitation skills.

I've given talks to senior level directors in top 100 companies; conferences; weddings; TEDx; transformational gatherings and panels. What people love is my ability to create an atmosphere of excitement whilst dropping insights that inform kick-ass strategy, inspire and leave a lasting effect on one's heart.

Themes include (but not limited to):

- Community building

- Perception + Culture Change

- Creating diversity 

- Wellness at Work

- Decolonisation

- Gold within The Fertile Void

- My Story


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