Coaching like no other!

Let your imagination be tickled.

When we live with curiosity and allow our wild authentic selves to be seen, we begin to experience liberation.

Visibility + Expansion
1 2 1 Coaching Program

This service has been running for 3 years now. It has seen some incredible founders, mothers and change-makers emerge into new parts of themselves. I've coached podcast founders; pleasure toy makers; eco-fashion designers; musicians; life coaches; actors; first-time authors; movement leaders and tech entrepreneurs.

People come to me when they are ready to grow into their next version of self. They seem to know that I am the person to support and I know that we are destined to travel together. The love is always real.

My mission is to support leaders in living, working and expressing unapologetically. It is through being guided to expand into our edges that we grow and have more impact in the world. Each client receives a bespoke plan depending on their goals. All sessions combine spirituality and practical support - be it, business strategy or post-divorce life planning.

Ways you can be supported:

- Learning empowerment tools for creative expansion

- A framework for connecting deeper with purpose

- Clarity and support writing vision, values, mission

- If requiring business support, you will receive help creating offerings, content and a brand that stands out.

- If requiring business support, you will receive help creating and executing a community building plan

- Confidence, playfulness and happiness


4 x 90 minute sessions (held fortnightly)

Ad hoc support via Whatsapp

Bespoke plan depending on client goals

Each session combines business strategy support and spiritual tools to support growth